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When you get hooked on SL, it gets you.. spending 12 hrs at a time online because time just vanishes, forgetting to eat, forgetting your real life… It’s so easy to do. It does get you initially as there’s all that potential… meeting people, doing things and all without leaving the house. In the end […]

Predators are an interesting phenomenon. Have seen it so many times in RL, usually to do with money and material possession, but also older men preying on young women.. In Second Life, it’s older avatars with newbies.. Most SL women I speak to have all been through variations of one of the three types mentioned […]

Sex is much the same in Second Life as in real life, there’s plenty of talk, and I’m sure plenty of action, but not much finesse. Just like in RL, most of the straightforward types of ‘lover’ are quite easy to categorise.. The Adolescent: Usually start of with ‘wanna fuk?’ and then run off.. I […]

SL is one big holiday camp. Free from the constraints of normal society, people behave badly. It’s like how people will behave far worse to you on the phone than they ever would in real life. Yet I think that because we are so not used to interacting with strangers on a social level, we […]

Ah, the joys of cybersex! Sex in Second Life is even more of a minefield here than it is in RL – the benefit here is that making excuses and leaving is easier, and you don’t have to try to make conversation with them over breakfast.. As I’ve discovered, there are many different ways to […]

My saviour teleported me out of the club to him.. I was grateful, I’d never have made it out on my own.. When I finally looked around, I saw avatar pictures of naked women.. by this stage I was so over being surprised at anything, that I didn’t even think it odd – what I […]

The first few hours were all about blundering around and getting to grips with being an avatar. I learnt to walk, to fly, to move the avatar to see things.. I fell in oceans and storm water drains, fell off objects, bumped into people, buildings and things in general.. I’m so glad bruises don’t show […]