Life, What Life?


When you get hooked on SL, it gets you.. spending 12 hrs at a time online because time just vanishes, forgetting to eat, forgetting your real life… It’s so easy to do.

It does get you initially as there’s all that potential… meeting people, doing things and all without leaving the house. In the end though, sometimes it just isn’t enough.. From looking at profiles, there don’t seem to be a lot of active members… there are a lot of profiles which are just blank – no photo, no groups – nothing.. A sure sign that they’ve been abandoned… Lots of female profiles seem to fit that..

The strangest thing about the stats on SL is that only 30% of newbies are totally new to online gaming. What they should ask is how many of them are new to SL. I’m guessing that the answer is ‘not many’… The growth projections for SL are distorted by the number of kids and the number of alts (alternative avatars) there are around.

As for a life, it would be if people would indulge in a bit of honesty. They might actually have some friends and actually enjoy themselves more.

For me, well I’m bored with it. Primarily because of the gameplaying, but also because of the lack of things to do. I think it would be different if my avatar had someone to go exploring with, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon. The most exciting thing my avatar does is sit in a money chair whilst I sort through her inventory! Makes my second life duller than my first.

Yet I’m not bored enough to give it up completely. There is always a chance that something interesting will happen.. Just perhaps not in her lifetime..


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