All The World’s A Stage


Have had some interesting contact with ‘people’ down the last few weeks.. Here are a few of my favourites..

  • Getting an IM from a dark lord asking me if I would give him my body for his pleasure – when I replied that I’d already done that to the real dark lord and he was too late, he asked if I was sure he couldn’t spill his seed in my belly! He did take the disappointment of rejection well though…
  • Meeting an androgen who wanted to have sex, then didn’t really – just wanted a description of what I was going to do to myself – not the avatar… v.v strange – and an offer I didn’t take him up on..
  • Meeting one of many exhibitionists.. This guy I met in the welcome area for all of 5 minutes. The next time I spoke to him, wanted me to help him go shopping for a penis… Seems he’d been to a sex club, which had required him to get naked and had discovered that the basic avatar doesn’t have one.. Seems he got all embarrassed at being without an appendage.. He then invited me over to inspect it and I had to stand there whilst he’s naked in the shop fumbling with trying to get it on and working, and asking me for instructions! I left before he succeeded.. Sometimes it’s all too much..
  • Then there was the guy lurking around one of the many gardens in SL. Wanted to try the poseballs and suggested a very innocuous sounding one – my suspicions were aroused when he wanted to know if we should be naked…
  • The gay man who bragged about spending his first few days in every gay club he could find. Who told me all about his ‘friend’ who gave him money and bought him things.. (you should have seen the body shape he was given, looks remarkably like a body builder woman, muscles everywhere, breasts and a 6 pack!). Yet, didn’t behave like any gay man I’ve ever met and wouldn’t leave me alone..
  • The true newbies who always give themselves away when talking to you as they’re looking up your skirt… They know how to get into mouseview, but don’t know how to escape it.. LOL!

and the countless men who think I’m a man pretending to be a woman *sigh*.


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