There’s no accounting for taste


(this was originally posted on Alexia’s MySpace page back in 2007 but since it looks like MySpace will be closing it’s doors soon I’m rescuing the posts I can find and putting them here)

spent the weekend rebuilding the gallery.. spent ages making sure all the walls, floors etc were aligned and then thought “i know, I’ll snap it to the grid just to make sure”. Well, all I can say is that grid must be as straight as a drunks path home… broke my heart and I gave up. I think I need to call a professional in, my tolerance for this is just not high enough and my skill certainly isn’t.

I am also still struggling with the lack of prims. I have one left. can’t do anything *sigh*. am now trying to work out what I can ditch as I still haven’t put all my pictures in yet.

Have just posted some more pics to my flickr site ( ) what always amazes me is how I have no idea of what will be popular. The pictures I think are the weakest turn out to be amazingly popular.

Take today. I posted 4, and of them is a picture of a balloon flight. Nothing special about it at all, i just included it because the balloon was flying over an aerodrome and you can see (just) old and new planes as well as helicopters and of course the balloon.. almost the history of flight. but it isn’t a particularly good picture and at flickr size you can’t even really see the detail, but it’s far and away the most popular so far.

Tomorrow is update Wednesday, so I’m going to post a whole heap of pics. normally I’d only post a few, but I seem to have a large backlog of them. So mine can join the Wednesday flood.


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