SL Models Wanted


(this was originally posted on Alexia’s MySpace page back in 2007 but since it looks like MySpace will be closing it’s doors soon I’m rescuing the posts I can find and putting them here)

have found a builder to take over my creation.. Just can’t face it any longer.. that snap to grid really was the straw that broke this camels back.

The builder and I have done a deal, she’ll redo it all if i take some catalogue pics for some of her stuff so she can sell them on slx and slb.. Sounds like a bargain to me.

However…. I need models… So I’m looking for 4 men and 1 woman to pose on 3 different bits of furniture – 2 x lapdance equipment and beside an outside pond..

One of the lapdance audience poses is a lttle rude.. and whilst I don’t think I’ll get them past the censor, I’m looking for a pic or 3 of that pose in action – which means you need an appendage that you’re willing to flash (so to speak).

I’m not going to pay for this, after all I’m not being paid, but here’s the deal. In return for a couple of hours of your time you will get:

* full credit everywhere the pictures are used to advertise the products (slexchange and slb at the moment) and where possible when used elsewhere.

*If I use any on my fickr site you’ll get full credits,

* I’ll select the best pics and copy them to you inworld for your portfolio, and

* you can have your pick of one of the objects as a thank you from the designer.

I’d like to do this in about a weeks time, so IM me if you’re interested. Make sure you have a decent profile pic as I’m only looking for well turned out avs.



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