Getting Closer ;)


(this was originally posted on Alexia’s MySpace page back in 2007 but since it looks like MySpace will be closing it’s doors soon I’m rescuing the posts I can find and putting them here)

well… I’m almost done.. Can’t believe it.. except for the stuff that I can’t do until LL finally fix the stuff they broke on friday, finding the 2 prims I need and a final test that everything works as it should – I am all ready to go..

Can’t believe it. by this time tomorrow I will be done – the gods of LL willing of course..

I think it looks fantastic.. even to these jaded eyes.. what everyone else thinks of it of course is another matter. am so pleased I took a couple of quick pics and have actually reduced them so i can upload them to here.. i might have reduced them too much though.. will find out soon enough I suppose..

I put the date of the opening off until next weekend.. i want some time between finishing it and letting others see it.. I’m sure there’s a beach with my name on it somewhere that I can sit or for a day or two 🙂


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