Opened :)


(this was originally posted on Alexia’s MySpace page back in 2007 but since it looks like MySpace will be closing it’s doors soon I’m rescuing the posts I can find and putting them here)

well, for better or worse it’s opened.. on Sunday I did the equivalent of unlocking the door and putting out the welcome mat.. sort of.

My first visitor arrived when I was still there – some crazy gun nut who took one look at me, one look at the gallery and bolted.. *shakes head*.

Then I left.. seemed like a sensible idea.. and apart from going back for 10 minutes yesterday to take some pictures for the website, haven’t been back since.

I spent the best part of 3 days doing the stuff for one of the websites, which sells stuff on the web and delivers it inworld. There are two: SL Exchange and SL Boutique. I started with SLX. What I thought would be a couple of hours turned into around 3 days.

To begin with the hardest part was working out how to use the setup.. struggled through that and then got stuck on how to describe the pieces. Some of my descriptions make me bilious, but my brain just laughs and hides when I think about rewriting them.

Then I put the html in for the various links and was ready to begin.. first of all I found it didn’t use HTML it used some kind of uber html so i had to re do all the links.. ok, fine.

Then i had to sort and load the pictures. and then I discovered on my first load that they were waaaay too big, which meant resizing them down..

I have enhanced my cropping skills now, as i thought I’d take the opportunity. then found they can only be loaded individually.. and the upload took about 1min each.. 100 pics at 1 min…

then I started on SLB..

did my first one and uploaded the pictures – and discovered that SLB needs pictures even smaller than SLX – so it’s back to resizing. Then found out that you can’t remove pictures from your advertisement, so I’ve had to delete it – *but* life being unnecessarily complex with these things, I have to go back inworld – take the object out of the delivery box, reset the box, reload the box and reset it again and then I can start again on the site.. *whimpers*

by the time I finally finished last night my eyes were hanging out of their head. Even this morning when I woke up they hurt.

but the first one is done.. and in the next few days I’ll have the other one up and then I’m going to find that beach I’ve been hanging out for and grab some virtual sun.

and consider that grand opening.. have no desire to do it, but since the ads i put inworld generated 2 visitors I may have to.. Don’t want to, but discovered that after all the work I’ve put in I’d like more than 2 people to see it (and one of those was the crazy gun nut remember! lol)

So I’ll consider it – just not for a few weeks I think 🙂


yhancikwell now you should have at least 3 visitors (a bit more, i hope 😉 )

interesting !
i liked the path and the light

and i learned to never teleport while meditating 😉 it gives weird results :p

4 years ago

  • yhancik
    yhancikoh yes indeed… but the sunset light in itself is already quite wonderful ^^

    4 years ago

  • yhancik
    yhanciki was sitting in the Meditative Core when i teleported, and ended on the platform in front of me, as if i was sitting on a chair, but lying on my side (horizontal position) and about 80cm above the ground :p

    i tried to take a picture, but the result wasn’t really visually interesting 😉

    The Light is great, but i should have tried to change the daylight ! (i love that LL gave us this semi-god power to change the light in our own alternate reality :p)
    mhh i gotta try tha

    4 years ago

  • Alexia Cournoyer
    Alexia Cournoyernot surprised about the tp oddness. koss is such a full sim that the strangest things happen in there. i’d be lucky if I tp correctly once out of a dozen goes.. i’d claim it has a certain charm, but it doesn’t..

    my favourite is the light- did you recognise that neelu is a pic of it looking down on it? Ever since it came into my life I have been entranced by the way it catches the light.. looks absolutely fabulous at sunset.

    I have so many copies of it in my house that it’s

    4 years ago


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