(this was originally posted on Alexia’s MySpace page back in 2007 but since it looks like MySpace will be closing it’s doors soon I’m rescuing the posts I can find and putting them here)

the gallery has been open for a couple of weeks – still haven’t got around to doing an official opening yet. I think I have more chance of being kidnapped by aliens than that happening.Another gallery approached me about displaying the pieces, so I agreed. Went to their official opening and it was lovely. Best party I’ve been to. even thought i didn’t get there until about 10 minutes before the end as the place was so full that it took me over an hour to get in there.My galley is doing ok. Not a lot of people are spending in SL as there are problems with transactions. Money is being lost during the transactions, the item isn’t being delivered or when you pull it out of its box it vanishes, never to be seen again. puts a dampener on peoples enthusiasm to spend money. It will pass, SL problems always do… except when they don’t and they go on for so long that they become normal. 🙂


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