Like to read books? Then you’ll love this link :)


I found this site the other day and am completely enamoured with it:

It provides an easy way to catalogue your books and when you’ve got them in there you can search for others who have read the same and see what else they’ve been reading..  A seriously cool way to be introduced to new books 🙂

I’m trying to get my hands on the cuecat barcode reader before i start.  Once upon a time I had all my books (all 2k of them)catalogued in an excel spreadsheet, which I did by hand.  I lost it when my pc decided to crash and destroy all the data on my hard drive.  Did I have a backup??  nooooooooo  😦  The moral here is *always* back up your important stuff


2 Responses to “Like to read books? Then you’ll love this link :)”

  1. 1 yhancik

    For some reasons, I prefer

    Well among other things, you can list an unlimited number of books :p
    (not that I would reach LT’s limit some day, but you never know)

  2. 2 Alexia

    just had a look at it.. maaaarvellous!! the only thing is they don’t have the cute scanner that tlt does. I really, really don’t want to have to type them all in.. call me coward.. signed up though, now it’s just getting the willpower to start typing 😦

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