I’m still around


well, I finally removed the last of the gallery about a month ago and put the land up for sale.  I find it interesting that I’ve priced it waaay above the current market rate.  I suspect I still haven’t got to the letting go yet – there’s a surprise ;). 

I moved some of the art into the NDC shop and have a display in Satiated Desires (one of the benefits of being the landlord lol) the rest just moulders in my inventory.  I’m discovering that I really miss La Vie.  Cheap sentimentality?  perhaps, but it’s *my* cheap sentimentality.

It’s interesting that even just loosening the ties down the last month has given me an urge to get back in there and do things.  Nothing so interesting as creating, but perhaps finishing off the new gallery building (I *really* like the design of the new building) and redesigning the shops. 

What I really need to do is get rid of all the bits of land I have floating around the grid and get one big plot.  at the moment I can only expand the shops skyward when needed, which isn’t much fun for my neighbours.  Perhaps I do need to take the hit and price that land properly then start it all of the afresh. 

So much for parting company with sl..  what is it about this platform that I’ve let it sink its hooks in so deep and not want to let go??


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