:) Exhibition over and one happy “artiste” with her feet up (sans booze)


Well, I’ve just packed away the exhibition and it’s been fun.  During the last couple of weeks I’ve had a chance to catch up with people I haven’t seen in ages and it’s all been good 🙂

The opening night was great, lots of people passing through to say hello and check it out..  I’ve discovered that I’ve been so out of practice with this chatting with people that I struggled with doing the multi IM and chat thing..  Sigh memories, once upon a time I could deal with half a dozen IM conversations and chat and not lose the beat.  Now I struggle with a couple of IM conversations and chat.  🙂

I was so busy doing the social thing that I didn’t take any pics.  However I did take a couple just before the opening, so if you didn’t make it, here’s what you missed…

The Exhibition Space

The Exhibition Space

When I first started to set this up I wondered how I was ever going to fill it.  In the end I was taking stuff down as it suddenly looked sooooo crammed  lol


Me having a quiet drink before it all kicked off 🙂

Interestingly within a few days of beginning to set it up I had a constant cup of coffee in my hand..  by the time the exhibition started it was a constant drink..  who says living virtually isn’t stressful??  The good thing is my virtual liver survived all that virtual booze. 🙂

The only time I had a little pause about the booze intake was when i was taking these pics..  I moved the camera outside the walls to get a shot through the glass and as I moved it back in I saw this..

...although perhaps I should have laid off the cocktails.. I started seeing things!

...although perhaps I should have laid off the cocktails.. I started seeing things!

I had a check of that wall and there was nothing buried in it..  So it looks like the building has a ghost..  I don’t remember any labourers going missing when I was building them all those months ago, but anything is possible..  So if you’ve lost an av, I think I may have found it!!

So, I had a great time and a big thank you to all who came for a visit and an even bigger thanks to those who sent me comments.  It was great to do the art thing again 🙂

and speaking of doing the art thing…

(* watch this space 😉 *)


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