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Valentine’s day is coming soon (February 14th for those who have forgotten) and it’s time to start thinking about gifts for your special somone. So let me make a couple of suggestions from my catalogue: The Infinite Heart   A one prim sculpture representing infinite love.  A very popular gift.   Available through OnRez and XSL. […]

 Who would have thought it?  From the company that claims its mantra is “Do no evil” , its Ad-Sense filters perpertrates a vicious stereotype that left me amazed. I’ve started on a new blogging site and the site uses Ad-Sense as one of the tools to put ‘relevant’ ads on the page.  So far so […]

I have opinions.  Those of you who know me from the various forums I inhabit or have had any conversations are well aware of this.  I like to think of myself as forthright..  most people aren’t that kind when they describe me  lol I’ve set up a new blog.  Here I’m going to rant […]