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There are two parts to this guide; Part 1: Hunter Etiquette and Part 2: Merchant Etiquette (this post). Following on from Part 1, let’s talk about merchant behaviour… The reality is that for the majority of hunters they’re unlikely to ever remember your shop, what it sells or even upack the item you so carefully created.  To most […]

I know, how boring of me.  More lecturing and hectoring 😉  But for the first time in a couple of years I’ve agreed to be a merchant in a hunt.  I’ve been a hunter a few times since then and the same problems seem to keep raising their head.  Soooo, my hidden agenda is to try […]

This is my first release for 2009 and it’s not just any old release, this piece has taken just shy of 2 years from original conception to it finally being finished. What should have been a simple thing turned out to be a saga of rogue prims, the search for the perfect scripter (think Cinderella here.. […]