Grid Hunt Etiquette Pt 2 – Merchant Etiquette

There are two parts to this guide; Part 1: Hunter Etiquette and Part 2: Merchant Etiquette (this post).

Following on from Part 1, let’s talk about merchant behaviour…

The reality is that for the majority of hunters they’re unlikely to ever remember your shop, what it sells or even upack the item you so carefully created.  To most it is some kind of slog to the finish just to accumulate stuff that never even gets unpacked and a lot of them don’t even use their primary account, they’ll use an alt.

There are a small minority who will spend time checking out your store and possibly even buying things.  If you think you’re going to crack it big with a hunt you’re mistaken but you’ll meet some lovely people who may become your customers and you can have some fun participating in a community event. 

So, onto Part 2:  Merchant Behaviour


Do: Recognise that a hunt is a two way thing

You spend time over the gift and hide it, people search for it and find it.  This isn’t a freebie give away, it’s a hunt and effectively you’re giving a way a prize for people who find your box.  So make sure your gift is good quality.  If you wouldn’t consider selling it in your shop, you probably shouldn’t be giving it as a gift.

Do: Realise there will be cheaters

I was a merchant in a hunt a couple of years ago and it really galled me that people would tp straight to the box (in this case it was a heart, but you know what I mean).  That was just a LM being passed around, these days there’s blogs and cheat sheets galore.  With the best will in the world you can’t stop people from cheating.  The good thing (?) is that they’re freebie hunters so you’re unlikely to ever see them again. 

The biggest problem here is that you spend all that time and effort on preparing the gift and they’re not playing fair.  Resist the temptation to make a cheap and nasty gift. It won’t showcase what you can do and you miss out on sales from people who do open their boxes and check out the goods.

Do: Be prepared for unpleasantness

It’s a fact of life in rl and sl.  There are always people who are ill mannered and down right rude.  They are going to give you attitude and your choice is to either ignore it or take it badly.  It’s hard not to be offended and either want to retaliate either by pulling out or hiding the box better or just letting your blood pressure rise.

When it happens, step away.  Whether it be your group or your store that are irritating you just leave it and go do something else.  It’s easy to forget that there are lots of lovely people out there in huntland when you let the minority spoil it for you.

If you are taking it badly you have to ask yourself if the potential customer in front of you is really worth the aggravation.  If not, eject is your friend.  Don’t be afraid to use it.  The kind of person and their friends are unlikely to ever spend money in your shop so you lose nothing and get the satisfaction of seeing them fly across the sim.  Don’t forget to tell them why you gave them a flying lesson, but don’t get dragged into the drama.

Do: Understand hunter’s limitations

You will get some questions that you may think are trollish but it’s just a lack of understanding.  If the hunter doesn’t have English as a first language then they may not understand basic words.  Google translate is your friend.    Newbies will also take part in the hunt so their walking, camming – in fact all basic skills – may be limited.  Patience is all.

Do: Hang out in your shop and give clues

Try to hang out in your shop for a short time each day.  It will give you a chance to enjoy the hunt, give some clues and meet some lovely potential customers.  You can’t ask for more than that 🙂

Do: Make sure you have your subscriber group where people can see it.

This is a win for everyone.  You get a bigger subscriber base and the hunters have a way of remembering you.  Even when they unpack the boxes it’s unlikely they’ll remember where they got it and the LM will just get lost in the inventory.

Do: Make sure the box is out at the appointed hour and actually works.

If you put it out too early then people come through before the official start to grab it and get the slurl. Not in the spirit of the hunt, but that’s people for you.  If you put it out after the appointed time you’re going to have people searching high and low and not finding it which is not going to win you customers.

Once you’ve put it out, make sure a friend or alt tests it to confirm it works.  You don’t want lots of angry IMs from people who find the box but can’t get into it and therefore can’t get the LM to the next shop.

Do: Particpate in the group chat

Giving hints and being helpful is a good way to make sure the hunt goes well.  You’ll also get a taste of what hunters are thinking and it may give you the heads up that something has gone wrong in your shop.


Don’t: sneer at the hunters.

Just because they don’t look, sound, act or dress like you doesn’t mean they’re not as good as you.  Yes, they are looking for a freebie and no, they probably won’t spend any money, but that doesn’t give you the right to disrespect them.

Don’t: make getting into the box hard

If the LM to the next shop is packed in a box that is given and you’ve made your land no rez you’re not doing anyone any favours.  Some people will know they can wear it and extract the LM but a lot won’t.

Don’t: be greedy

I’ve heard of merchants charging for the contents of the box (!), have made people join their group to get the gift or have hidden the box in another object.  All of these are no, no’s and don’t show you in a very good light.  If you feel the need to do any of these, then drop out of the hunt before it starts.  You’re not doing anyone any favours.

Hiding the box in an object is a particularly sore spot with hunters.  It is completely unfair and they will remember you – for all the wrong reasons.

and finally..

Don’t let the small minority of badly behaved hunters put you off.  Have a good time, meet lots of new people and remember how social Second Life really is. 🙂


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