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  Have a wonderful Yuletide season! Advertisements

Finally the preparations for SL8B are over and I can give you a sneak peek at the build I’ve done for it.  Well, the outside only as I don’t want to spoil the surprise.  The theme this year is “the magic of Second Life” and that can mean whatever you want.  To some people it’s […]

You may have seen this blogpost  When I saw it, I certainly couldn’t resist grabbing a ticket and allowing myself a chance to see the production from both sides of the divide. Tonight I went to the real life premiere, tomorrow I’ll be inworld for the second performance.   The piece is part of the ROH’s […]

 Who would have thought it?  From the company that claims its mantra is “Do no evil” , its Ad-Sense filters perpertrates a vicious stereotype that left me amazed. I’ve started on a new blogging site and the site uses Ad-Sense as one of the tools to put ‘relevant’ ads on the page.  So far so […]

It’s been a long two weeks but everything is finally ready to go.  I hope.. Never got the dancefloor organised (I didn’t have time to find a DJ – two weeks is just not long enough) but everything else is in place – right down to an icecream cart for those of you who need a […]

*waves* I’m having an art exhibition and I’m inviting everyone to the opening night *grins*

I’m missing SL. Hey, it’s suprised me!