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There are two parts to this guide; Part 1: Hunter Etiquette and Part 2: Merchant Etiquette (this post). Following on from Part 1, let’s talk about merchant behaviour… The reality is that for the majority of hunters they’re unlikely to ever remember your shop, what it sells or even upack the item you so carefully created.  To most […]

I know, how boring of me.  More lecturing and hectoring 😉  But for the first time in a couple of years I’ve agreed to be a merchant in a hunt.  I’ve been a hunter a few times since then and the same problems seem to keep raising their head.  Soooo, my hidden agenda is to try […]

* If someone on your friends list is online, a friendly hello should always be sent. If you don’t wish to prolong the conversation, you do just as you would do if you saw them in the street or if they rang at an inconvenient time. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, perhaps […]

* Fill out your profile. It gives you a chance to tell people about you, SL lives run at such a fast pace that this gives you a chance to grab the attention of people who may interest you. You can even add a few groups to show your interests. The good thing about groups […]

After almost 9 months inworld I think I’ve finally cracked the social mores. I’ve always thought that the residents behaved extremely oddly in their social interactions, but I thought it was just that I’m just such an odd fish that it was me. Now I realise it’s not, it’s them.. So here’s a brief rundown […]