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Shop Closure


The shop has closed.  Most of my items are available through XSL and there’s a selection on Apez.  If you fancy being an affiliate then in the next couple of weeks I’ll post the link to the affiliate vendor that you can grab and set up.  As always, it’s been fun. Advertisements

Well, I’ve just packed away the exhibition and it’s been fun.  During the last couple of weeks I’ve had a chance to catch up with people I haven’t seen in ages and it’s all been good 🙂 The opening night was great, lots of people passing through to say hello and check it out..  I’ve […]

It’s been a long two weeks but everything is finally ready to go.  I hope.. Never got the dancefloor organised (I didn’t have time to find a DJ – two weeks is just not long enough) but everything else is in place – right down to an icecream cart for those of you who need a […]

*waves* I’m having an art exhibition and I’m inviting everyone to the opening night *grins*

I’m missing SL. Hey, it’s suprised me!

Farewell La Vie


The La Vie Gallery has closed its doors. The garden is still there, but not for long.

I thought it was about time I started using this blog, so here’s a friendly greeting.  I know I should probably keep this to straight marketing, but old habits die hard.  So what you’ll see here are the things I release and the things I see.. First up are the new default linden avatars.  If […]