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  I’ve been releasing my art under the shop name of The Art Thing for the last 18 months or so and my other non art things under the brand NDC for years, I’ve kept both brand names but now with the redesign they inhabit the same space.  When LL moved all the adult content to Zindra I had […]

Shop Closure


The shop has closed.  Most of my items are available through XSL and there’s a selection on Apez.  If you fancy being an affiliate then in the next couple of weeks I’ll post the link to the affiliate vendor that you can grab and set up.  As always, it’s been fun.

Xstreet SL is having a yuletide bash on the 20th of December.  They’ve created a beautiful sim with the theme ‘Winter Wonderland’ which will be open until the New Year. That snowglobe of mine made it into the goodie bag they’re giving out, they obviously agree with me that there are not enough snowglobes in […]

Partway through setting up the exhibition I decided to make a christmas snowglobe..  then got a little carried away and made some christmassy footstools… So here they are.. I just loved the textures as soon as I saw them and they go so well with the footstools. They’re on sale inworld and at OnRez and XSL […]

I’ve created a christmas snow globe, the perfect mantlepiece gift! 🙂 I started NDC when I began to build things that weren’t strictly speaking art.   Although I do think that they have an artistic quality to them – they certainly aren’t the run of the mill items you see around.   I’ve been hoping that some of my friends might finally get it together to realise their potential and begin to […]