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Shop Closure


The shop has closed.  Most of my items are available through XSL and there’s a selection on Apez.  If you fancy being an affiliate then in the next couple of weeks I’ll post the link to the affiliate vendor that you can grab and set up.  As always, it’s been fun. Advertisements

He’s designed for those days when only a big bear hug will do. 🙂 He’s big at around 4m high but can be resized.  There’s nothing nicer than plonking yourself down on his knee and giving him a big hug. The animation is specially made for this. buy it inworld or on Xstreet SL

This is my first release for 2009 and it’s not just any old release, this piece has taken just shy of 2 years from original conception to it finally being finished. What should have been a simple thing turned out to be a saga of rogue prims, the search for the perfect scripter (think Cinderella here.. […]

My belief is that there’s not enough snow globes in this world, so I’ve created a couple more for those of you who are shameless romantics… Valentine’s Snow Globe A little Valentine’s trinket for the love of your life. When touched, the snow will start to fall and it will say: “You are very special […]

Valentine’s day is coming soon (February 14th for those who have forgotten) and it’s time to start thinking about gifts for your special somone. So let me make a couple of suggestions from my catalogue: The Infinite Heart   A one prim sculpture representing infinite love.  A very popular gift.   Available through OnRez and XSL. […]

Partway through setting up the exhibition I decided to make a christmas snowglobe..  then got a little carried away and made some christmassy footstools… So here they are.. I just loved the textures as soon as I saw them and they go so well with the footstools. They’re on sale inworld and at OnRez and XSL […]