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Alexia first stumbled inworld on the 28th of August 2006.  Second Life had only been open to free accounts for a couple of months and from the moment she stepped inworld the human behind her has been in turns entranced, frustrated and amazed by what she saw and those she came into contact with.  I […]



Today marks 5 years since I first decided to enter Second Life. This was my first post on the subject all those years ago, at that stage I’d been inworld barely three weeks. Real Life (RL) bands play, people buy land and build houses, become merchants or sell their skills, live happy fulfilling lives… and all […]

If your only motivation for making art is to sell it and your main intellectual preoocupation is not the work itself but how to productise it, then you’re not an artist. You’re just a self-stocking shop. Hazel Dooney: How Not To Sell Your Soul Completely apt.

 Who would have thought it?  From the company that claims its mantra is “Do no evil” , its Ad-Sense filters perpertrates a vicious stereotype that left me amazed. I’ve started on a new blogging site and the site uses Ad-Sense as one of the tools to put ‘relevant’ ads on the page.  So far so […]

I have opinions.  Those of you who know me from the various forums I inhabit or have had any conversations are well aware of this.  I like to think of myself as forthright..  most people aren’t that kind when they describe me  lol I’ve set up a new blog.  Here I’m going to rant […]

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