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Alexia first stumbled inworld on the 28th of August 2006.  Second Life had only been open to free accounts for a couple of months and from the moment she stepped inworld the human behind her has been in turns entranced, frustrated and amazed by what she saw and those she came into contact with.  I […]

A festival for Eku’s head. I know everyone has a head but Eku’s is special and needs some TLC.  So to raise funds for this, there’s a fundraiser for the next month.  There’ll be gachas, items for sale and tip jars all trying to part you from your money to help make it happen. Here’s […]



Today marks 5 years since I first decided to enter Second Life. This was my first post on the subject all those years ago, at that stage I’d been inworld barely three weeks. Real Life (RL) bands play, people buy land and build houses, become merchants or sell their skills, live happy fulfilling lives… and all […]

Finally the preparations for SL8B are over and I can give you a sneak peek at the build I’ve done for it.  Well, the outside only as I don’t want to spoil the surprise.  The theme this year is “the magic of Second Life” and that can mean whatever you want.  To some people it’s […]

Merry Christmas


  Merry Christmas to all.  I hope your Yuletide season is filled with love and laughter.

© Alexia Cournoyer. 2009  All rights reserved. Fringe acts are always hard to review, simply because the standards that would normally be applied to professional performances aren’t directly relevant.  A lower bar has to be used in judging or the reviewer is not being fair. So in a way pure mindless entertainment has more importance than […]

With apologies of AA Milne of course 😉  © Alexia Cournoyer. 2009  All rights reserved. So, Second Life has reached its 6th birthday and once more the residents have come together to provide most of the content. I was invited to the press preview and managed to spend 4 almost lag free hours roving my […]