About the garden art works

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The miscellanea in the garden comes from my gallery.  Or in the case of the trees, from the library (credit where it’s due, I’m a fan of those Linden trees, I admit it).

Moving clockwise around the garden from the path are 4 pieces.

1.  Serenity

4.5m (and you can sit on the side and paddle your feet in it). SL8B release.

Serenity is actually a 24 hour clock that tells you the Second Life time if you know how to read it.  It takes 24 hrs for the balls in the water to circle around the water’s edge.  So midnight SLT is when the balls are at the top, it’s midday when they’re at the bottom and hopefully you can work out the rest.

I began to create this piece in April 2007 and finally finished it in March 2009, just a few weeks shy of the 2nd anniversary of its creation.

 As I was creating it, I decided I needed a simple script to make the balls rotate around each other and around the edge of the water.   Simple?? Ha!  it seems that Second Life isn’t designed for what you would think is such a basic thing.  So began my quest to find a scripter who could create the magic.

Like Prince Charming with the glass slipper I searched and searched for that one soul who could make this work.  I had around a dozen different scripters look at the problem to try to find the solution and probably interviewed another dozen or more in my quest. I tried everything to get it to work and during one of the prototyping sessions the balls decided they’d had enough and made a bolt for freedom and they never came back.  So, somewhere out there is a set of rotating orbs bouncing around the mainland.  One day you may be unlucky enough to get clobbered on the head by some rogue rotating balls.  If you do, sorry  (no, really) and if you can catch them, it would be good if you can send them home 🙂

In the end, the solution came in the form of a fairy godmother called Grandma Bates.  She just turned up one day and made it happen.  After hundreds of hours of discussions and testing scripts with others, she had a quick chat, went away and came back a day later with the script.  I’m still blinking in disbelief. Of course then I had to adjust it to fit the sculpture, another boring tedious tale of my complete scripting inadequacy.  Thankfully though Matias Warcliffe, another knight in shining armour, appeared and behold!  Serenity was finally finished.

So that’s why it’s sub-titled “Is That It?”  because when you look at the piece it’s hard to believe so many people have put in so much time and effort to make a few balls rotate around themselves and a pool of water.

As you can see, this is no ordinary sculpture and as with most things in life, the pleasure is in the detail. 🙂

2. Interconnect

7.5m high, brushed steel and inspired by David Suzuki.

“The human brain now holds the key to our future. We have to recall the image of the planet from outer space.. a single entity in which air, water, and continents are interconnected. That is our home.”
David Suzuki

This piece has what I call a sweet spot.  If you move your camera around the sculpture you’ll know when you find the angle where it all comes together. 

3. The Path

8m high, steel. SL8B release.

This piece was my joy for such a long time.  In the days before windlight it used to reflect the colours of the Second Life day.  I used to make sure I was inworld for at least one sunset a day, just to watch how the piece came alive as the light played across it and I don’t know how many good hearted people I dragged along to watch it with me (Sometimes I need indulging 😉 ).  When windlight came, the piece evolved into what you see today but the sentamentalist in me still remembers what it was and how it came to symbolise the potential of Second Life.  It started out as a “what if” and took on a life of its own.

Like Interconnect, this has a sweet spot as well.  If you have the time, enjoy running your camera over it until you find it.

4. “the It”, “the I” and the “Over-I”

4m high.  Wood and things.

This is part of a series that never got completed – just like this piece.  I like this piece and it makes me smile when I think of the name (google it) and it’s waiting for me to finish it. It will probably look nothing like this when it’s finally done – which will be sometime between now and the next millenium.

If you’re interested in seeing these again or any of the others, versions of them are on display in my sculpture garden.

© Alexia Cournoyer 2011  

All rights reserved.


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