About “Through the Looking Glass”

TL;DR?  – just clear your camera controls (hit the Esc key twice) and walk in, there’ll be instructions whispered to you when needed.  There’s a goodie bag giver stashed on the land, so take your time and enjoy! 🙂

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This piece started out in 2006 when the human behind Alexia read about Second Life and despite the fact I’d never even been in a chat room before or played any computer game more complex than Solitare, I willing stepped down into the rabbit hole. Since then I’ve been on a crazy, chaotic ride and ended up having a Second Life that I never, ever imagined when I first decided to come for a look…  I’ve met more amazing people in the last 5 years than probably in all of my life before this adventure.

Now you may look at my build and wonder just what is magical about it.  It’s not so much the build but what it represents – and it represents a lot. 

It sums up Alexia’s life in here perfectly.  She’s always taken the “your world, your imagination” to heart and tried to show people what she saw.  From the beginning when she used to post pictures to flickr showing all the fabulous places she visited, to when she started to create and consequently discovered that she always manages to bite of more than she can chew when she tried to actualise her ideas, Alexia’s life in here is always an adventure.  The limitations on my technical ability has always been the looking glass within the looking glass, the need for help with scripting (I can barely hack a variable, even after all these years) and textures, led me to meet some wonderful people who helped me take my ideas from my imagination and turn them into a virtual reality.

About the build

The trees are original Linden trees, well before mesh was even a twinkle in anyone’s eye, the mirror is there because a rabbit hole was too hard – anyone who has ever tried to tunnel down knows the land doesn’t play nice – but the mirror does follow the Lewis Carroll theme, the garden contains miscellanea from Alexia’s gallery, the build itself is a collage of thoughts and ideas I’ve had down the years and the scripts? well, they’re pure nostalgia, as yet again I’ve been running around begging for information and help to make it all work – just like old times and as always I met some new people 😉  It’s not even close to what I wanted to show as we ran out of time (and prims, imagine my surprise! lol) and some things just couldn’t be done, even with the magic of scripting, so this is the bare bones of what could have been.

These days Alexia doesn’t get much of a run on the grid – occasionally I’ll release something but her time in here is limited as I’ve got another account that runs a business that takes up all my time, so the magic has been replaced by being a shopkeeper with a delivery schedule (cue sympathetic sighs) but hopefully there’s still some of the magic lingering and my current customers get a glimpse of what I see when built each item, that it fires their imagination, they notice and appreciate the subtlety and get some joy from it.  Magic is everywhere, you just have to look for it.

The one thing I have learnt from Second Life is that no matter how glossy everything looks and for all the sophistry in the world, it’s the people and the small details that make the magic in here.  SL8B has given me the chance to relive the enthusiasm (and the frustrations lol) of pure imagination again and it’s been fabulous.

It’s all good fun 😉


For scripting uberness my thanks go to:

* Sorvats Kappa (SGK Scripts) – for doing his best to script my ideas for this build and coming up with ways to enhance it,

* Matias Warcliffe (Inmortals Creations) – for his scripting prowess in trying to tame the scripts that were defying me,

* Grandma Bates (just a wonderful person) – for the scripts in the clock (I bet you can’t even recognise the clock!) The story behind the clock sums up Alexia’s original journeys in here perfectly.  That clock took two years to finally be finished and I reckon I met most of the people on the grid who could compile a script without it erroring (and a few who couldn’t) during the pursuit of the scripts I needed. 

For being supportive in the chaos:

Ciaran Laval (Laval Estates) for providing me with land to do the build.  I’ve run out of prims on my land and would have been stuck without his generous offer of a patch of virtual dirt to create on and of course my thanks for his patience as my usability tester.

Couldbe Yue ( [SDA] Satiated Desires Animations) provided the animations for the tower and the galaxy sphere and her inventory of things that you never think you’ll need until you need them 😉

and to Qie Niangao (for understanding my gibberish and translating it into English when I was trying to describe one of my script problems), Innula Zenovka (another wonderful person who tries to help me when my brain turns to mush, when it thinks about scripts), Eliza Tungsten, the excellent exhibition support staff who jumped through unbelievable hoops to make sure everything went smoothly during set up and everyone else who has had a part in this little mini adventure of mine..  thank you 🙂

© Alexia Cournoyer 2011 

All rights reserved.


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