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My belief is that there’s not enough snow globes in this world, so I’ve created a couple more for those of you who are shameless romantics… Valentine’s Snow Globe A little Valentine’s trinket for the love of your life. When touched, the snow will start to fall and it will say: “You are very special […]

I’ve created a christmas snow globe, the perfect mantlepiece gift! 🙂

I’ve made it onto the slwiki.. ok only as a link on an etiquette guide page, but hey 🙂

Just a couple of pics from various redirected landings inworld.. enjoy 🙂

The Abyss


The Abyss, a great place to explore.

I thought it was about time I started using this blog, so here’s a friendly greeting.  I know I should probably keep this to straight marketing, but old habits die hard.  So what you’ll see here are the things I release and the things I see.. First up are the new default linden avatars.  If […]