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A festival for Eku’s head. I know everyone has a head but Eku’s is special and needs some TLC.  So to raise funds for this, there’s a fundraiser for the next month.  There’ll be gachas, items for sale and tip jars all trying to part you from your money to help make it happen. Here’s […]

Shop Closure


The shop has closed.  Most of my items are available through XSL and there’s a selection on Apez.  If you fancy being an affiliate then in the next couple of weeks I’ll post the link to the affiliate vendor that you can grab and set up.  As always, it’s been fun.

He’s designed for those days when only a big bear hug will do. 🙂 He’s big at around 4m high but can be resized.  There’s nothing nicer than plonking yourself down on his knee and giving him a big hug. The animation is specially made for this. buy it inworld or on Xstreet SL