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Finally the preparations for SL8B are over and I can give you a sneak peek at the build I’ve done for it.  Well, the outside only as I don’t want to spoil the surprise.  The theme this year is “the magic of Second Life” and that can mean whatever you want.  To some people it’s […]

 I went along to the opening of The Gate 2010. As always it was interesting and slightly unnerving to be peering out of the fishbowl into the world of flesh.  © Alexia Cournoyer. 2010  All rights reserved. Click here to go to The Gate website  The Gate @ Shanghai Biennale 2010 Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China / […]

© Alexia Cournoyer. 2009  All rights reserved. Fringe acts are always hard to review, simply because the standards that would normally be applied to professional performances aren’t directly relevant.  A lower bar has to be used in judging or the reviewer is not being fair. So in a way pure mindless entertainment has more importance than […]

You may have seen this blogpost  When I saw it, I certainly couldn’t resist grabbing a ticket and allowing myself a chance to see the production from both sides of the divide. Tonight I went to the real life premiere, tomorrow I’ll be inworld for the second performance.   The piece is part of the ROH’s […]

Shop Closure


The shop has closed.  Most of my items are available through XSL and there’s a selection on Apez.  If you fancy being an affiliate then in the next couple of weeks I’ll post the link to the affiliate vendor that you can grab and set up.  As always, it’s been fun.

With apologies of AA Milne of course 😉  © Alexia Cournoyer. 2009  All rights reserved. So, Second Life has reached its 6th birthday and once more the residents have come together to provide most of the content. I was invited to the press preview and managed to spend 4 almost lag free hours roving my […]

   © Alexia Cournoyer. 2009  All rights reserved. I went to Templum ex Obscurum. I didn’t realise just how many years it has been since I was last at Relic and it appears it has well and truly gone now 😦   It seems that somewhere on The Nameless Isle is this organ but I couldn’t […]