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My belief is that there’s not enough snow globes in this world, so I’ve created a couple more for those of you who are shameless romantics… Valentine’s Snow Globe A little Valentine’s trinket for the love of your life. When touched, the snow will start to fall and it will say: “You are very special […] I started NDC when I began to build things that weren’t strictly speaking art.   Although I do think that they have an artistic quality to them – they certainly aren’t the run of the mill items you see around.   I’ve been hoping that some of my friends might finally get it together to realise their potential and begin to […]

I thought it was about time I started using this blog, so here’s a friendly greeting.  I know I should probably keep this to straight marketing, but old habits die hard.  So what you’ll see here are the things I release and the things I see.. First up are the new default linden avatars.  If […]